Communication, Conversation, Collaboration – Where are you?

The C- Shift. The three levels of Context-Climate-Connection. The power of Conversation.

Words starting with the letter C feature prominently in many of the models and writing I have been doing the last few months. [For some fun facts about the letter C in English, check out this out]

Playing with around with C-words as a way to make sense of things is not only fun and memorable, also helps focus attention and to stimulate deeper thinking about the concepts and distinctions. Working with constraints seems to engage more active and engaged thinking.

Given my playing around with C words, I was interested to come across the following post on “degrees of connectedness”.

It sets up a three-way distinction around degrees of connectedness:

  1. Communication is a first degree of connectedness, and involves informing one another.
  2. Conversation is the second degree of connectedness, and involves us conversing or dialoguing together.
  3. Collaboration is the third degree of connectedness, and involves co-creating together.
  4. This three-way distinction aligns with the demands of the C shift on how we work and lead today. Instead of relying on one-way communication of information, we need to have more conversations in which we think together, learn together, shape new ideas and ultimate co-create new response to challenges and opportunities.

    Idea into action:

    • What is your degree of connectedness, relative to this 3-way scale? As you reflect on your connections of the past week or so, how much communication, conversation, and collaboration did you do?
    • What do you see as the benefit of moving towards higher degrees of connectedness – less communicating to others, and more conversations with others, and more collaborative co-creation of new ideas and responses?
    • And if you see this as a beneficial shift, what will it take for you to make this shift?

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