Conversations can create climate shifts

During team coaching sessions and leadership development workshops I often get a close-up look at the dynamics of the interactions and conversations in a team. Sometimes the team is a shining example of respectful, appreciative connections and collaborative conversations that create learning, new solutions, and focused action. Just recently I was fortunate to work with […]

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How can you make your team smarter?

If you want your team to be smarter – to enhance its performance on technical tasks – what is your best bet? Increase the average IQ of your team by adding smarter people Add more females to the team if the group is mainly composed of males Enhance the social sensitivity of the group Train […]

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Behaviours that discourage conversation

One of the key themes that emerge without fail when I work with leadership groups on the quality of their conversations is quite simple:“If we have more conversations, we will work better together.” In feedback to leaders, this is also one of the persistent themes: “Talk more with us. Have more conversations with us.” With […]

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