Innovation is an act of hope in a C-shift world

The world has changed radically – away from command and control, from compliance, and a belief in certainty and enduring answers – towards a world of constant change and connectivity, with challenges that absolutely require collaboration and creativity. This “C-shift” makes radically new demands on how we live, work and lead – and quite frankly, […]

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Fit for the future, fit for people

“For the first time since the Industrial Revolution you cannot build a company that’s fit for the future without building one that’s fit for human beings.” This is the compelling message- communicated in a marvelously engaging way – by Gary Hamel in a short (16 minute) video essay. Hamel’s argument is that management is a […]

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Conversation at the root of innovation

Over the past few weeks I’ve been stretching my thinking about how conversations link to creativity and innovation – and how we can get better at having conversations that support creative thinking and innovation. For someone with a magpie mind like mine, one of the delights of such an exploration is coming across elegant expressions […]

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