Create a better brain by changing your attention pattern

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Can you change your brain for the better? The more we’re learning about the brain and how its structures interact with our habits of thinking and feeling, the stronger the evidence that we can indeed create a better brain. We can change our brain for the better, and in so doing create more effective patterns […]

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Have a conversation – and become smarter

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Research on teams has shown that the collective intelligence of a team depends on how evenly conversation turn-taking is distributed among the members. The more one or more people dominate the team’s conversations the lower the collective intelligence of the team. The more evenly everyone contributes by speaking out and getting listened to the higher […]

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Fit for the future, fit for people

“For the first time since the Industrial Revolution you cannot build a company that’s fit for the future without building one that’s fit for human beings.” This is the compelling message- communicated in a marvelously engaging way – by Gary Hamel in a short (16 minute) video essay. Hamel’s argument is that management is a […]

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Six rules for effective connections at work

How effective a connector are you at work? With work becoming increasingly interdependent and collaborative, we all need to build effective networks of connections and relationship. Check out this neat slideshow to give you a few pointers. Based on a chapter in Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results by […]

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