Know your power style at work

What’s your typical way of exerting influence? What’s your power style? How do others experience your power in conversations? Frustration with power styles in interactions – the effectiveness of our own styles, and our irritation with other people’s power styles – is a common theme for managers and leaders. In fact, it is a common […]

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Behaviours that discourage conversation

One of the key themes that emerge without fail when I work with leadership groups on the quality of their conversations is quite simple:“If we have more conversations, we will work better together.” In feedback to leaders, this is also one of the persistent themes: “Talk more with us. Have more conversations with us.” With […]

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Uncommon conversations about the business of work

Interested in the potential of work not just as means of making money, but as a way to realise human potential? If yes, then you may want to check out a teleseminar series of conversations on this very topic, under the title Waking up the Workplace – Global Conversations to Awaken a World of Conscious […]

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