Communication, Conversation, Collaboration – Where are you?

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The C- Shift. The three levels of Context-Climate-Connection. The power of Conversation. Words starting with the letter C feature prominently in many of the models and writing I have been doing the last few months. [For some fun facts about the letter C in English, check out this out] Playing with around with C-words as […]

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Six rules for effective connections at work

How effective a connector are you at work? With work becoming increasingly interdependent and collaborative, we all need to build effective networks of connections and relationship. Check out this neat slideshow to give you a few pointers. Based on a chapter in Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results by […]

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We’re connected!

Even while we’re wrestling to understand what the effect of long-term cell-phone use might be on your health, cell-phone use has become a shared experience around the globe. Check out this fascinating set of images of people and their cell-phones from around the world. Together they tell a fascinating story about how this technology has […]

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“Clarifying Why” is a smart conversation move

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We’ve all been there: feeling lost in a conversation with no clear idea what the conversation is really all about, where it is heading, or what our role really is. For most people this is not a good feeling – it makes us feel uncertain and sometimes even anxious as we try to figure out […]

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