Communication, Conversation, Collaboration – Where are you?

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The C- Shift. The three levels of Context-Climate-Connection. The power of Conversation. Words starting with the letter C feature prominently in many of the models and writing I have been doing the last few months. [For some fun facts about the letter C in English, check out this out] Playing with around with C-words as […]

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Innovation is an act of hope in a C-shift world

The world has changed radically – away from command and control, from compliance, and a belief in certainty and enduring answers – towards a world of constant change and connectivity, with challenges that absolutely require collaboration and creativity. This “C-shift” makes radically new demands on how we live, work and lead – and quite frankly, […]

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It’s a C world: Which one are you choosing to live in?

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How would you describe the world you live in – using only words that start with C? One set of words that regularly comes up when people consider this question includes: chaotic, in crisis, complex, lack of certainty, crazy … Focusing on these words can generate a sense of being overwhelmed and even despair. At […]

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Mastering the Big C Shift

When talking to leaders and leadership teams about the ways in which the world of work and leadership have changed, I like to play with the idea of the “big C-Shift”. Quite simply, you can capture the essence of the change many leaders and organizations are struggling with by using only words starting with the […]

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