Programs for Organizations and Teams

Some of the benefits leaders, teams and organizations gain through working with me

  • Integration of critical soft skills with high-level technical and business skills
  • Enhanced leadership competence in reading and responding to the demands of the new context of work, for today and for the future
  • An expanded repertoire of leadership approaches and behaviors, and hence greater effectiveness in dealing with change, complexity and conflicting demands
  • Greater skills for collaboration across boundaries
  • Deep habits of inquiry, learning and reflection to support effectiveness today and in the future
  • Below are some of the programs I offer for organizations and teams.
    The Coaching Leader’s Advantage™
    Shift to Lead™

    The Coaching Leader’s Advantage™
    Coaching Approach to Leadership:For organizations that want to develop a leadership culture that is more collaborative, engages employees more fully, and is more effective at developing the future capability of employees. The proven Adler approach – which I’ve helped to develop – uses a blend of consulting, design, workshops, and coaching to support organizations in the following key areas:

  • Strategic positioning
    • Clarifying desired outcomes/measures for proposed leadership development initiative
    • Positioning the approach in the organization’s context – e.g., linking to performance management model, strategic objectives, leadership competencies, core values
  • Building leaders’ coaching capability
    • Assessing of current coaching practices
    • Training managers through innovative workshops in a comprehensive coaching approach and key coaching skills
    • Supporting managers in relating their coaching role to their other manager/leader roles
  • Implementation support
  • Providing follow up programs to ensure application (e.g., group tele-labs, individual coaching for senior leaders whose modeling is key to the success of the culture shift)
  • Custom-designed support tools
  • Training and certification of internal coaches to deliver the program is also available. The program can be customized to meet the needs of the organization and team.

    Shift to Lead™
    Developing High Performance Teams: For teams who have important work to do and who truly do need to work together as a team to get their work accomplished. Through my association with 4-D Systems I offer organizational clients access to a fully integrated set of processes and tools designed to help teams find the optimal balance among technical expertise and social competence. 4-D Systems include:

  • A powerful framework of eight key contributors to team effectiveness;
  • Benchmarked team assessments that indicate leverage points for improvement of team effectiveness;
  • Individual assessment that indicate leverage points for improvement of individual effectiveness;
  • Workshops that enhance team and leadership effectiveness;
  • Follow-up coaching for individuals to turn 4-D knowledge and tools into consistent behavior change;
  • Follow-up assessment to monitor trends.
  • Also take a look at my programs for individuals.