Programs for Individuals

Some of the benefits individuals gain through working with me

  • Enhanced personal and professional effectiveness
  • Strengthened personal foundation for work and life, and for dealing with change
  • Successful navigation of important life and career transitions
  • More integrated wisdom for leading, working, and living in a complex and fast-changing world
  • Greater clarify on the path to greater happiness and fulfillment
  • Below are some examples of the types of coaching programs that I offer for individuals.
    Executive/Leadership Coaching
    Coaching for New Leaders
    Transition Coaching
    Personal Growth Coaching

    Executive/Leadership Coaching

    For experienced, successful leaders who want to deepen and strengthen their leadership capability in order to handle bigger, more complex challenges. The nature of the work is determined by the unique needs of each client, but typically includes a focus on one or more of the following:

    • Enhancing integrity and character as a foundation for leadership;
    • Developing the ability to manage better in uncertainty and ambiguity;
    • Functioning more effectively in the midst of complexity and competing demands;
    • Leading in a more collaborative way;
    • Becoming a champion for inspiration, creativity, innovation within the organization;
    • Maintaining well-being while significant personal resources are focused on important initiatives;
    • Developing new perspectives and clarity on how to handle challenging situations.

    My contribution: creating a reflective space for personal exploration; facilitating action-inquiry; confidential sounding board and thinking partner; source of relevant new ideas and perspectives; creating learning maps; encourager, challenger and supporter.

    Coaching for New Leaders

    For highly competent individual contributors (e.g., scientists, engineers) who are in the early stages of moving into a leadership role. Coaching for these clients focus on building capability and confidence to deal wit the demands of the new role. Typical focus areas include:

    • Acquiring the higher levels of interpersonal skills that are critical to effectiveness in the new role;
    • Focused, customized development of “management basics” (e.g., Managing for results; Motivating others; Developing direct reports; Building effective teams; Hiring and staffing);
    • Enhancing the capability to stay “on purpose” in the midst of greater complexity and more demands;
    • Understanding more clearly what the “real work” of the manager/leader role is;
    • Gaining insight into their own personal strengths, motivators and beliefs, and how these affect their functioning in their new role.

    My contribution: co-designing learning maps; source of content, best practices, ideas and perspectives; facilitating action-reflection-learning process; teacher and mentor; encourager, challenger and supporter.

    Transition Coaching

    For leaders and high achievers who have been successful so far in their careers, and have now reached a cross-roads where the next step is not clear. Transition coaching is helpful for individuals who:

    • Are asking themselves “Where do I go next? What do I want next?”
    • Are ready to go beyond “business as usual” and pursue a new challenge;
    • Want to satisfy the desire to express themselves as well as the desire to make a meaningful contribution;
    • Understand there are no perfect, final answers to the “what’s next” question, only a thoughtful intentional engagement with the next phase of life.

    My contribution: creating a reflective space; designing maps for the exploration; provider of tools and processes to support the exploration; “connector of dots”; encourager, challenger and supporter.

    Personal Growth Coaching

    For mature, highly intelligent individuals who are fully engaged with their own learning journey, and who are looking for a reflective space and a mature conversation partner as they engage with the next phase of the journey. Such clients are ready to:

    • Engage with deep questions about the meaning of their lives
    • Explore the implications of the interconnectedness of everything for themselves and their lives
    • Challenge themselves to live at a higher level of integrity

    My contribution: creating a reflective space; being a conversation partner and fellow-explorer; facilitator of action-inquiry; source of ideas and perspectives, encourager, challenger and supporter.

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