Leadership Coach’s Advantage™ Program

An Intensive Program for Professionals Who Support Organizational Leaders

The Leadership Coach’s Advantage™ is an advanced coach training program that provides an unique framework and set of practical tools to help you raise your leadership coaching game.

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Date: May 9-11, 2013
Location: Toronto, Canada
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Shift to Lead

A program for young, emerging leaders.

This six month group coaching program is designed to help participants make the key shifts in Attention, Mindset, and Behavior required for effectiveness in a leader role.

The program starts with a two day group learning experience, followed by a structured 6 month follow-up coaching program (with customizable levels of one-on-one support).
Participants will gain practical tools and practice that they can put to work immediately, and will learn frameworks and principles that will continue to serve them in future leadership roles.

Team Shift: From Good to Great

A program for teams who want a practical and proven approach to developing a high performance.

This six month team coaching process is based on models, methods and practical tools developed for teams that need to function at a high level.

Teams are coached, through the use of simple online assessment tools and compelling learning experiences, to take charge of their own social context as a key determinant of their effectiveness.

Leadership in Action

For individual senior leaders.

Customized one-on-one coaching solutions, supported by leading edge leadership and 360 assessment data. All one-on-one coaching solutions focuses the coaching process within the context of the organization&rlquo;s strategic and operational objectives. Coaching is structured in terms of 6 months segments.

For groups of senior leaders: A 6 month coaching program, starting with a 2-day group learning experience focused on

  • key concepts of leadership development to help set up the coaching process for success
  • a topic or issue directly relevant to the group (e.g., leading change, managing in uncertainty, handling conflict, how understanding of the brain can help with managing people)

The 2-day workshop can be followed by with group coaching or one-one one coaching (or a combination).

The Coaching Leader’s Advantage

A program for leaders with direct reports who want to enhance their coaching competence.

A six month group learning experience for leaders who want to enhance and strengthen their coaching skills, and hence gain more of the “coaching leaders’ advantage”. This program offers simple, yet powerful “next generation” coaching tools and principles.

The program consists of a practical, hands-on two day group learning experience, followed by a 6 month group coaching programs to support implementation and sustainability.

The program can also be targeted towards enhancing the quality of conversations in a collaborative environment, where leadership roles may shift depending on the situation.