We live and work in a world that is increasingly complex, multi-layered, full of uncertainty, and in a state of constant change. This world makes extraordinary demands on us and our organizations. The challenge is to find a balance between effectiveness in producing results and developing future capability, while maintaining a sense of well-being.

I work with individual leaders and organizations who respond to the challenge by asking themselves: What do we need to learn or change to ensure that we are functioning optimally? They recognize that the answer to this question is not simply about effectiveness. Rather, it is about creating a context that allows everyone to develop and thrive - professionally and personally.

Through executive and leadership development coaching, transition and personal growth coaching, and through creating programs and learning experiences for groups, I help individuals and organizations reach more of their potential for optimal functioning.

Leading with intention and compassion

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In a previous post I referenced Tony Schwartz’ post (here on HBR.org) on leaders cultivating mindfulness to deal with their crazy busy world. One of these leaders is Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company. The video offers some powerful leadership lessons – on how to stay on purpose in the face of challenge, […]

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Leaders using mindfulness to manage their crazy, busy world

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Frenetic. Chaotic. Relentless busy. Pressured. Words like these describe the outer world many of us work and live in. In many cases the forces combining to create this world are outside of our control. The best we can do is to somehow engage constructively with the seemingly impossible. That is, if we cannot change the […]

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Meaning matters for engagement

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What makes you engaged with your work? As a coach I get up close to clients – exploring with them not just the what and how of what they’re doing, but also their why. In doing this, I clearly see how important meaningful work is for people. Your level of engagement with what you’re doing, […]

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How to recognize your bad listening habits

I make a substantial part of my living having conversations with people, and teaching other people how to enhance the effectiveness of their conversations. And of all the skills involved in this, none is so challenging as listening. Listening is truly the master skill for everyone, and for leaders in particular. In a recent book […]

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Create a better brain by changing your attention pattern

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Can you change your brain for the better? The more we’re learning about the brain and how its structures interact with our habits of thinking and feeling, the stronger the evidence that we can indeed create a better brain. We can change our brain for the better, and in so doing create more effective patterns […]

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Have a conversation – and become smarter

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Research on teams has shown that the collective intelligence of a team depends on how evenly conversation turn-taking is distributed among the members. The more one or more people dominate the team’s conversations the lower the collective intelligence of the team. The more evenly everyone contributes by speaking out and getting listened to the higher […]

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Just for fun!

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One of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous and most reproduced paintings is Starry Night, painted in 1889 while he was in an asylum at Saint-Remy. This painting has inspired countless reproductions and objects – including the well-known song Starry Starry Night. Well, here is a somewhat different fun project inspired by this painting. This one […]

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Give a little bit …

Yes, I know this short video is an ad. Still, the message here is so inspiring that it deserves 1½ minutes of your time! Hope it makes you look at the world just a bit differently – or even better, that it makes you give a little more!

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Playing with our small blue ball

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Water. The substance that covers about 70% of the earth’s surface makes the earth the “blue planet” when viewed from space. Water. One of the essentials for life allowing us and many other life forms to exist on this planet of ours. Increasingly a scarce resource that we were warned that we need to take […]

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An inspiring example of gratitude

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Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions, and both science and many spiritual traditions speak to the multiple benefits that come from the cultivation of gratitude. If you want to see this emotion being expressed in the most beautiful and inspirational way, watch the first 7-8 minutes of Hélène Campbell’s news conference. Hélène […]

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