Meaning matters for engagement

Meaning and Engagement Word Cloud

What makes you engaged with your work?

As a coach I get up close to clients – exploring with them not just the what and how of what they’re doing, but also their why. In doing this, I clearly see how important meaningful work is for people.

Your level of engagement with what you’re doing, your commitment, the satisfaction you get from it: all of that hinges to a large extent on your sense that what you’re doing is meaningful. That perception is a really big factor in your motivation. Daniel Pink also identifies “purpose” – having a meaningful bigger why for why you’re doing what you’re doing – as a key factor in his theory of motivation.

Paul Fairlie is a psychologist whose research shows that meaningful work matters also to organizations. His research shows that meaningful work is the most important driver of employee engagement, commitment, retention, and several other important outcomes. If you’re interested to hear more about his ideas, check out this short video:

So what makes your work meaningful? And how much meaning do the people you are leading finding in their work? These are vital questions, with real business impact!

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