Dance to explain science

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How do we understand complex ideas? How can we explain complex ideas?

The standard answer is: Words, lots of them, often on Powerpoint.

The unconventional answer: Dance the ideas!

That’s the provocative answer offered by Johan Bohannon, in a TED Talk that is itself a vivid illustration of his point.

Bohannan is a Ph.D in molecular biology, so no stranger to the world of science and academic rigor. However, he makes an interesting case for dancing as a way for us to grasp complex ideas. [For more about him, check out his website You may also want to check out the
dance your Ph.D competition videos]

I love to incorporate different media and art forms when designing learning experiences, so this really resonates for me. Maybe next time you start planning a Powerpoint presentation, consider whether you want to invite a few dancers instead!

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