Create a better brain by changing your attention pattern

Can you change your brain for the better? The more we’re learning about the brain and how its structures interact with our habits of thinking and feeling, the stronger the evidence that we can indeed create a better brain. We can change our brain for the better, and in so doing create more effective patterns of thinking and feeling.

This is the core message offered by neuroscientist Richard Davidson in his new book, The Emotional Life of Your Brain.

What specifically can we do to create a better brain? Here are 10 concrete tips on how to change your brain for the better, based on Davidson’s work

The bottomline of all of the practices suggested there? Change what you pay attention to, and you will change the pathways in your brain. And when you change your brain’s pathways in the particular ways suggested here, your brain’s structure becomes better able to support more effective thinking and feeling patterns.

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