Career navigation in a constantly changing world

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With the world around us changing faster and faster, it is really tough to figure out what choices we should make today in order to be well positioned for a career with a long-term trajectory.

This is a challenge for almost everyone who anticipates being in the workplace for longer than just a few more years, and it is really tough for younger people who are at the start of the path. What will the world of work look like 10 or 15 years out? What about 35 or 40 years out?

I see how this uncertainty about the future impacts career planning in my own circle of young people – clients and family. The truth, of course, is that we cannot predict what the future of work will look like. We simply have to make choices and decisions today with a great deal of uncertainty about where things might end up.

But all this does not mean that we are clueless. Lynda Gratton offers some good tips for how to make choices that will set you up career-wise for the longer term. .

Gratton’s tips are based on research into some of the most important trends that are shaping the world and the world of work specifically. The list contains very concrete and specific advice such as “Learn to be virtual” plus some advice that requires a bit more investment of time and energy to take on such as her #10:

10. Become a producer rather than a simple consumer – And finally… the old deal at work: ‘I work, to earn money, to buy stuff, that makes me happy’ is rapidly becoming obsolete. Engaging in meaningful work where you can rapidly learn will become a priority (although fair pay will always be important). So think hard about sharing and great experiences rather than simply building your working life around consuming.

You can check out Lynda’s Top Ten list here. l It’s worth a look if you are wondering what you can do to stay relevant career-wise, or if you have young people in your life who are looking for direction.

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