An inspiring example of gratitude

Be Thankful by rustiqueart

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions, and both science and many spiritual traditions speak to the multiple benefits that come from the cultivation of gratitude.

If you want to see this emotion being expressed in the most beautiful and inspirational way, watch the first 7-8 minutes of Hélène Campbell’s news conference.

Hélène is the young double-lung transplant patient who became the spokeswomen for organ donation- inspiring the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Bieber to speak up for the cause. Hélène’s gratitude for the gift to her, and to all the many people who made that possible, is truly heart-warming. And she plans to continue to champion organ donation for as long as lives. Maybe watching her video will inspire you to register as an organ donor.

Photo credit: rustiqueart via Flickr

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