Meet Melinda Sinclair, D. Phil, Chartered Business Coach™

A Catalyst for Learning and Growth

‘ .. to live in fullness, without waste of time and potential, expressing one’s uniqueness, yet participating intimately in the complexity of the cosmos.’
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

I come to my work as a life-long learner and a facilitator of others’ learning. My work as an executive coach, consultant, facilitator and educator is informed by more than thirty years’ experience working in knowledge-based and learning oriented environments.

My coaching clients are highly intelligent, sophisticated, and successful. Regardless of whether they are senior leaders or new to the leadership task, they are interested in using their strengths to make a meaningful contribution to the various systems that they belong to. They are committed to ongoing learning and growth, and to well-being – for themselves and for others. In short, they are committed to living, working and leading optimally.

Colleagues and clients say that I combine intellectual acuity with intuition, imagination and an ability to connect with people in a meaningful way. Clients especially value my ability to help them contextualize and reframe their challenges and opportunities in ways that expand possibilities.

Like my individual coaching clients, my organizational clients appreciate the knowledge and experience I bring to my work, as well as my ability to create innovative and powerful learning experiences for participants. Projects I’ve been involved with include: designing an award-winning in-house coaching training program and certification process for a division of a major bank; developing a “leadership through people” initiative for a major brokerage firm; introducing a coaching culture into a major European communications technology company; developing and delivering a cutting-edge “Coaching Leaders’ Advantage&rdquo program.

One of my strengths is the ability to draw unusual connections and create multi-layered learning experiences that challenge and stretch others in meaningful ways. Workshop participants consistently comment that their experience in workshops I’ve designed and facilitated exceeds anything they have been exposed to before.

I operate my business under the name PeopleDynamics Learning, Inc. I live and work in Toronto, Ontario with my husband, several daughters, a granddaughter, and a dog.

What has helped shaped me:

  • Life itself – more than 50 years’ worth of it

  • Living and working in different countries and cultures

  • People – especially my children, my life partner and my clients

  • Empirical and conceptual frameworks that focus on “human potential” and “human thriving” (incl. Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Neuroleadership, philosophy)

  • Action-Inquiry, as a model for learning and developing in the midst of action

  • Adult Developmental Theory, as a “map” for the ongoing learning journey

  • Books, books, books – fiction and non-fiction


  • Chartered Business Coach ™
  • Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
    • Full member
    • WABC Professional Standards Taskforce
    • WABC Accredited Program Review Panel
  • Shift Coaching Inc.
    • Strategic Partner
  • 4-D Systems
    • Preferred Network Member
  • Adler School of Professional Coaching, Inc, Toronto
    • Former Director and Program Advisor
  • Adler Corporate Services
    • Former consultant and facilitator
  • World Future Society
    • Member
  • Education

  • Doctorate in Linguistics, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology; currently pursuing MA in Psychology

  • Graduate of numerous coach training, leadership development and personal development programs, incl. Authentic Happiness Coaching with Martin Seligman.

  • I am also actively involved in these collaborations.